IMG_2087 car with Andrew & HelenWritten by Andrew Baddeley

In 2004 God started speaking to Helen and I about going to the Czech Republic, up until then our experience of the nations was of South Africa and really we had no desire to travel anywhere else apart from Africa, so a small country in Eastern Europe was far from our hearts and mind. But it is quite amazing when God puts nations on your heart how he can shift prejudice and bring change for His glory. So in April 2004, Helen and I took 4 teenagers to the Czech Republic on a 5 day short mission, it was truly amazing to see God move in power as we had a small glimpse of His Glory in that nation. We found our hearts were joined with Jimmie and Hulda Bennet, who are American missionaries based in the country.

Since then we have been going back every year, some years on numerous occasions, on our own and with teams. This was the start of an adventure and many doors opening in a small nation in Eastern Europe.

Two years ago during a visit to Czech I met a couple called Kenny and Yva who are evangelists based in Prague. They have since invited me to go and speak at a conference in Prague with a group of evangelists based in the city, to bring encouragement and support to their mission. So on 21st April George Powell, Simon and myself set off to spend a couple of days in Prague.


The conference started on the Friday evening where all three of us overflowed in what God put on our hearts – there was a real sense of synergy together. George had a word of knowledge for people with knee issues, a few came forward and many of them were healed – Praise God.

We had the whole day on Saturday and evening, George and I spoke in the morning, we were very strongly led to speak on son-ship and living out our identity as sons. There is a huge amount of striving amongst their efforts to evangelise the nation, however not much evidence of sons being raised up. There was such a strong anointing over this time, one guy who is quite a prominent pioneer in the region of Prague came forward at the end of the morning meeting and broke down and wept as he responded to this call of son-ship. Many others responded and were touched by the Lords love.

Simon spoke in the afternoon on the prophetic and hearing the voice of God, which went hand in hand with the message brought in the morning. I love these prophetic times as we see people activated in the prophetic gifting, it’s a great blessing. We had a banquet meal before our last session which was lovely, however too many schnitzels for my liking…..:(

On our last evening in Prague the Holy Spirit came in great measure as we prayed for everyone – so many were touched by His presence in a powerful way. We finished at 10 and caught a train to Pardubice where Jimmie and Hulda live – about 1.5 hrs train ride.

Our last day we were back on home soil with our friends Jimmie and Hulda in Pardubice. So great to see them and spend the day with Pavel (who is the pastor of the church). There is so much rich anointing over the church, every visit I am so blessed and encouraged by the fellowship there. It’s hardly surprising when they have dedicated the last 10 years to pray as a church. During the last couple of visits I have particularly felt a strong witness of revival breaking out in that city, in fact as you enter the boundaries of Pardubice there is a distinct change in the spiritual atmosphere.


As the morning meeting started, I felt so influenced by His spirit I was unable to stand – such a thickness of His presence. We had a word of knowledge for cystic fibrosis, several people came forward for prayer including an older lady who later testified of being completely healed of this condition. Her symptoms were a tightness of the chest and breathing difficulties, which left her as she was prayed for. George spoke as well and there was a great response as we prayed for everyone. Simon finished off in the afternoon bringing a prophetic impartation to the people, something I noticed they are very hungry for is the prophetic anointing.

So a very short packed trip to the Czech Republic, but yet again feel so privileged to be involved in the work of God there.