Sue HilliardWritten by Sue Hilliard

(Just over 2 years ago Sue visited the Double Joy children’s farm, an orphanage and home for 90 children. You can read the article she wrote then for The House by looking at the archives for June 2014. Sue has recently returned to Double Joy, and has written this update.)

I arrived at Double Joy on 2nd April and stayed for two weeks. The long rains were starting and people were hopeful that they would continue. The children were digging their shamba and planting beans, one of the older boys was growing some eucalyptus trees. The children were having a break from school activities and so I was able to do drawing and paper candle making with the nursery class and card making with standards 3-6.

I also introduced the older girls to making soft toys from old clothes. We started with fish, which they really enjoyed; they didn’t want to leave the sewing room. They also made some shopping bags from material bought from the local market, with help from the staff. These have been brought back to the U.K. to be sold as an income-generating project.

I took some toys and clothes with me for the children, they liked playing with the toy cars on the compound and with some games equipment on the field.

I was able to meet the Board of Management and Board of Trustees and we briefly discussed having GAP year students stay at Double Joy as a possible way of income generation for the orphanage.

You can read more about Double Joy here;