loxlaneWe thought you would be interested to hear some testimonies from the recent Encounter Weekend at Lox Lane. The Holy Spirit continues to move powerfully in bringing freedom to peoples lives as they give time to hearing His voice in this unique setting.

Testimony 1

I would like to thank you and the team for a really brilliant weekend.

I was very blessed by the teaching and testimonies from yourself and colleagues – for example I felt that God used some of the teaching to build on what he’d taught me about forgiveness elsewhere – taking things to a deeper level around the whole area of forgiving and not judging. 

I liked the pace of the weekend and quality time with facilitator after the teaching and found the balance about right. Was very blessed indeed by the lovely lady who was my facilitator. 

I liked the fact that the Sunday morning was left open to the Holy Spirit – during the morning someone who didn’t know me at all was given a word from God for me, and it was spot on and directly related to something which was on my heart. Also, God gave me the same word through two different people – “do not strive” – something I now need to take hold of!

Being in a place where the Holy Spirit was flowing made me realise I had been a bit dry and thirsty – by the end of the weekend I felt I’d “reconnected” and somehow regained something I’d lost over the years without realising. I want to stay reignited now!

I must also give a word of appreciation to whoever was cooking for us as well – we were so well looked after!

Testimony 2

The Encounter Weekend was absolutely wonderful. It was so good to have such honest and realistic teaching and sharing. My facilitator was so kind and understanding and insightful. I was able to open up my heart to her and she pinpointed some inner vows that I had subconsciously made and bring release to me.
The whole weekend was wonderful. The catering and the facilities were also top notch.
I would certainly recommend anyone to do the Encounter Weekend. Although it was so deep, it was also very relaxing.
Thank you to everyone who worked so hard for us all to have such a wonderful weekend, the dear brother who led the worship so beautifully and especially those who prayed for us all. Thank you all so much. Bless you all

Testimony 3

I really appreciated the weekend as it was so helpful for me.

I loved the fact we had facilitators….at first I was a bit scared but then I understood the need of them.

As you know it was my first experience of this kind….I felt the need of a nearest encounter with the Holy Spirit…I really needed to take my time and be filled with it as my life was getting too stressed and I needed Jesus advice to take some important decisions….and I found the perfect atmosphere there!

I loved praying all together the Sunday morning and I had a beautiful experience with an older lady (I don’t remember her name) praying for me… she was so kind and gentle and she made me realize I had a bad experience with my grandma and I pretended nothing happened….and I felt the need and the importance of forgiving her and ask God to forgive me for judging her.

I loved the video we’ve seen the evening we arrived…it was like a great discovery to me…it was perfect the way he explained the difference between God and our level in terms of judgements and forgiveness.

Talking about all the others participants.….I loved chatting with many of them…and we shared some touching moments together….I will always remember Fiona, Joyce and many others and I hope to get the possibility to see them again in the future.

I will surely try to come over to attend weekend B…maybe next year. I do really thank you for everything. Lots of love to all.

Testimony 4

Just want to thank you so much again for the opportunity to attend the May Encounter weekend. It was very powerful and my heart feels so much lighter.

If you would like to know more about our Encounter Weekends or book on to one of them you can follow this link; http://www.loxlane.co.uk/our-events/