IMG_3840Written by Carmen Foote

Let us stop for a moment; take some time out to think how blessed each of us is. If we counted them there would be many different things to be thankful for, for each of us.

Let us start with the things we take for granted and think are always going to be there; family and friends; health and strength; the fact that we go to sleep and wake up every day; fresh air to breathe; clean water to drink; food to eat whenever we want; hot water to wash with; clean dry clothes to wear; a nice comfy bed to sleep in and be warm; a nice warm, dry house to live in; electricity to power all the things in our house.

Many of us have nice cars to drive and we have the ability to drive them; many of us have a job, a way of earning money so we can meet all our needs; and these are just a few of the things we take for granted. Have we ever thought how we would feel if one or more or all of the above were suddenly taken away from us; what would our life be like? How would our attitude change?

Question: there are people out there who have had exactly that happen in one way or another, and there are people out there who do not have any of the above, and do we notice them? Do we even care? What do we do to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves? Do we think of the people living on our streets in cardboard boxes, through no fault of their own? The man who has just lost his job and can’t provide for his family and could loose all he has worked for? The person who has just been struck with illness or injury and can’t work, who faces an uncertain future? The people who have lost loved ones with no one to help or comfort them? The list is endless, if we look around we will be surprised what we see. We all can help make someone’s life a bit easier and nicer, the thing is any or all of the above can happen to all of us and if we help others we too will be helped in our time of need.

Carmen has recently joined Fathers House Shaftesbury after being a part of Fathers House Sturminster Newton. Please do introduce yourself and make her feel welcome!