13241249_1552211388413515_3667844201629527913_nWritten by Michelle Norton

Just over a year ago I was lucky enough to be on an Encounter Weekend, when God took me into the Heavenly realm, where he showed me the following picture;

I saw some wigwams and sitting round these were hundreds of people with children, young and old.

Then he took me to a battle ground; people screaming. In the middle there were tanks driving around; no backing off, people dead, people screaming. The sight and smell was awful, but nothing touched me.

All of a sudden all I could see was a glowing throne, a wind on my face and the smell of lavender. A voice said “Don’t be afraid, the battle is mine. You belong to me, nothing can harm you, and those who call on my name shall be saved”

For some time after all of this I wondered what to do about it. At first I thought it was to do with the Canadian Indians, as they were going through some trials, but as time went on God showed me it was for the refugees, who had lost their own land and had nowhere to go.

So, I started to pray that God would show these people his love, give them comfort and show his compassion. Many of these people are now being saved, and being baptized in his name.

I only want to share this with you to encourage you that prayers work. Our Father truly loves us; his love is too great to measure.

I have been so blessed by what I am hearing coming out of a situation that we have no control over.

Thank you for reading this and I pray that you will also be blessed and encouraged.