Written by Helen Baddeley

As many of you are probably aware we have recently made the decision to introduce an intern program here at Father’s House. This is something that for several years we have talked about and wanted to see happen. We have, as a church, a rich and varied range of things that go on, year in year out, that would be of great benefit to others coming straight from school or university. We also find that due to being in a rural location many of our own young people go away to other churches when they finish school and university, leaving quite a gap behind.

So it is with great excitement and sense of a vision being brought forward that we are able this year to welcome three new interns among us!

Tilly West has been here in Shaftesbury with us for a while as she has been working for a local family as a live in nanny . She has now made the decision to come out of nannying and be with us for the next year . Tilly has spent time working previously in Mozambique with Iris Ministries and in South Africa with Missions Ablaze . She has a great passion for the Lord and young people, we already feel she has had an amazing impact on Tuesday evenings where she has been serving with us at youth church .

Georgie and her brother Isra Rodriguez have been here with us for the past month and have had an amazing time on Eagles Wings at Lox Lane. They are from Merida in Venezuela, where their parents Nestor and Yalgina are worship pastors serving with Fernan in Flors home church. They have previously spent four years as a family working with YWAM in New Zealand serving in a Latin Church. Their hearts are really full for God and they love to spend time worshipping and leading others into God’s presence.

The team will be based at Lox Lane in The Barn. They will be involved in all areas of the church life and also will link up with the interns that are based at Weymouth church with Paul White.

If you are interested in knowing more information as to how you can bless the team throughout the year please speak to either Andrew and Flor or Andrew and Helen who will be overseeing the program and covering them pastorally.