Written by Helen Beecham

The Freedom in Christ course is designed to help every Christian become a fruitful disciple. And we have found here at Fathers House that it has been a powerful and effective tool in many peoples lives, in helping them take hold of the truth of who they are in Christ, resolve personal and spiritual conflicts and move on to maturity.

Here are some of the comments made by attendees:

“The course helped me to understand who I am and my purpose in life, it really helped me redefine my theology and understanding of the word.”

“I loved it!” 

“Excellent material”

“I am accepted, significant and secure” 

“Helped me renew my whole mind to align with how God thinks, and breakthrough negative thoughts, the light is shining now!” 

“The course helped me by showing me practical steps to take to achieve maturity and freedom in Christ”

“Solid teaching, honest discussion”

We have been running Freedom in Christ here over the past 2 years, with 51 people taking part in fairly large group courses. From September however we aim to offer the course in a much more flexible way, focusing on small groups or even 1 to 1, this means that we can –

• meet individuals needs more readily

• be flexible about offering daytime or evening sessions

• meet in homes or at Father’s House

• offer the course in modules where appropriate

Freedom in Christ is a truth encounter for all Christians, young and old, helping us to understand the truth of our new identity in Christ and live well and be fruitful.  

If you are interested to know more please contact Heather Ford – heatherfford@hotmail.co.uk