JuanitaWritten by Juanita Brough

Recently I have been going to the Knit & Stitch group, to relearn how to crochet, having learnt from my grandmother aged 7.
Some years ago I was at an arts & crafts group at Father’s House, run by Marg Kilgour. I created a craft and needlework collage, and mentioned it to a couple of people at Knit & Stitch. They asked to see it and last week I took it in. (see picture at the bottom of this article)
They started to tell me what they saw in it for themselves – fine! But after I got home I wrote down what it meant to me. This is what I wrote…..

To me this is not a picture but impressions of the sea. It represents the surface of the sea, and being in the sea.
The surface of the water, nothing else, the sea alone. The colours, green, blue and turquoise. The waves, the white horses, the sea spray. The sea is alive, the water is moving!
More than that it was how the water made me feel, at different times. Jumping in or out of the waves, swimming on top and through the waves, diving under water, being splashed by  the water, and seeing the water sparkle in the sun!
It showed how I felt being on it, in it, moving through various different impressions of it. It showed the joy, the fun and the pleasure the sea has given me during my life.
So, whatever others saw; this is what sea impressions meant to me, when I made it.

This is celebrating part of our Fathers creation. Praise you Lord. Thank you Abba Father, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Amen