At Father’s House, among the values that we hold close to our hearts there are two things that stand out: one is the need to be regularly filled with the Holy Spirit and the other is the need for our hearts to be healed from life’s hurts. Over some years we have developed the Encounter Weekends to minister healing and freedom to hearts and provide an atmosphere where people can encounter God’s love and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Here are some testimonies from people who have been on recent Encounter Weekends:

Testimony 1 – “I found everyone to be very friendly and there was a relaxed atmosphere of love for one another and particular care given to those visiting to aid their ‘Encounter’. The worship was great and the talks thought provoking. The food was great. I only wish I could have tried the delicious looking puddings and cakes! ( not great for a diabetic but grateful for the fruit)

It was evident that the Holy Spirit was moving throughout the weekend and I liked the fact that the programme allowed for flexibility according to God’s plans. It was quite an indulgent experience for me as I have rarely experienced time devoted just to my spiritual needs. Many points mentioned in the talks touched me, but particularly the talk about ‘hearts of stone’. That made me realise that because of my past history of physical and mental abuse, I have built a barrier of self defence which is probably what is preventing me from actually feeling the love of God.

Ann (who was sitting behind me during your talk) felt that God was telling me that He loved me and even though I knew those words were for me I still didn’t feel it within. Ann was lovely, she prayed with me for a while and I really felt she understood my situation and gently guided my prayer.

All in all, I felt uplifted but at the same time frustrated that I still hadn’t broken down the barrier that is preventing me from really feeling the love of God that brings a joy to the Spirit that I see in other people.

Hopefully we will be able to attend again for our next ‘Encounter’…..”

Testimony 2 – “On the running of the course I can say that it was wonderful.  Good teaching, powerful process, excellent food, comfortable surroundings.  I would like to give special mention of Israel and Georgie and their musical offerings which were a large part of my weekend. I look forward to seeing you at the next one.”

Testimony 3 – “Many thanks for a very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere of love at the encounter.  The holy spirit was so tangible during worship in that,  even walking in the premises you could feel His presence.  The love of the Father was evident to all of you.

Since returning from the encounter, God has opened doors of opportunities for me and my children in His miraculous ways. He has given me unspeakable joy, peace and happiness I have lost many years ago.  As a result I am more focused in His Word than before.

Keep on doing the good work and the Good Lord will reward you. Many thanks!!!”

If you have enjoyed reading these testimonies and would like to find out more about attending an Encounter Weekend, you can take look here: