13241249_1552211388413515_3667844201629527913_nWritten by Michele Norton

While in hospital having my knee replacement, I was in the right place with the Lord as he had shown me that I was going to be able to share with others. So off I went on the 20th of April with my bag, had my surgeon and everyone come and see me, while waiting I sat and prayed that everything would go well, that God would guide the surgeons hands, I was even able to pray while in the room before surgery with the nurses and surgeon – a blessing in its self!

Once back on the ward, learning to walk with crutches, and slight pain, a young nurse from Nairobi was at the bottom of my bed and saw that I was reading a book by Joyce Meyer. She was very interested and we got talking about her love of the Lord and that when she is praying she feels as though she is sitting at his feet.

Later that same day I woke up to her praying at the end of my bed, she said that she was praying for a speedy recovery for me. Next day she brought another nurse with her and we shared with her our love for the Lord, we then prayed for her, and hoped that we have given her something to think about.

On day four of my stay this second nurse came and said that she had given her life to Jesus, and that she was reading her bible. I was so blessed by even being able to share with these two nurses something about what God is doing. The book that I was reading was ‘Knowing God Intimately’ by Joyce Meyer.

I want to thank all the kind staff at Salisbury hospital who looked after me during my stay but most of all I want to thank the Lord for all that he is doing and giving me the opportunity to share.