Keeping you in touch with Lox lane Farm.

Lox Lane is an exciting venture – and the most exciting news of all is the arrival of Steve and Rachel Scott who have swelled our little community from 3 to 7! Here is what they look like!


We believe that Lox Lane is on the verge of something new, and we want you to feel part of it.

The desire of all our hearts is to see Lox Lane become a life giving and life receiving community that hosts the presence of God and hosts people. We would like it to become a place of prayer and worship, providing a welcome into an atmosphere of life, fun and where visitors and guests alike will encounter God,

Steve and Rachel are living in the Barn next door to us and have already become a part of the Father’s House Family – if you see them, please give them a big welcome hug!

Steve and Rachel have arrived at a perfect time because we are getting busier!

In the past 12 months alone, Lox Lane has hosted 2 Schools of the Heart, six encounter weekends, one Created to Worship school, one Kids Camp, over 500 guests, hundreds more at monthly “refreshing days” and cooked thousands of meals! Over the years, we have hosted visitors from over 40 countries, so the blessing that Lox Lane is has also spread internationally.

Lox Lane was also home to those who joined the first year of the newly launched church internship programme. They are now staying with host families in the church.

So, what practical things have been happening and what is planned? (Lox Lane Farm is 154 years old – so it needs a lot of TLC now and again!)

  • Restoration of the “Family Room” in the Farmhouse, with refurbishment in the en suite bathroom – we are so grateful to our friends Rodney and Pat Monks who came from “up north” and worked so hard to restore this room. Other friends, Diarmuid and Linda Lee are also coming to work mornings for 2 weeks.
  • Replacement of many of the windows at the Farm – most of which are now beyond repair. We have the quote and are going to step out to get the contractors in before winter to get this essential work done.
  • Opening of the Library as a quiet room. This lovely room will be getting a “make–over” and will be opened up for any who just want to come and “be” for an hour (or longer!). There are many books and a quiet atmosphere where self serve tea and coffee will be available from 8am until late every day. (It’s an alternative to Costa – but not the same coffee!)
  • Refurbishment of the Bargeboards on the Farmhouse gable end. This essential work will start as soon as possible – once we get a carpenter that is!
  • Redecorating of the Farmhouse bedrooms.

Becoming a “Friend of Lox Lane”

Many people who have experienced life here and have been blessed by attending one of the weekends, events or courses have expressed a desire to partner with the Lox Lane community by praying, giving or turning up to help in practical ways. To help facilitate this, we have launched a new initiative “Friends of Lox Lane”.

To find out more, including how to become a friend of Lox Lane, the application form can be downloaded by following the link here – just click on “Friends”, or get in touch with Joyce Deaville who has been the vision behind the “Friends” initiative.

Most of all, we want you to feel involved and part of this continuing adventure.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to help in any area.

Andy and Linda East

Lox Lane Hosts.