JuanitaWritten by Juanita Brough

I would like to share this testimony to God’s goodness.

On Wednesday 26th July when I got to the Sanctuary just after 9am Pat was the only one there. She said that God had given her a vision that morning, and spoken to her about healing. She kindly offered to pray for my knee – I’ve been waiting for a new one from the hospital (up to 10 months!) 

On Thursday in the Sanctuary Pat, Pete and I prayed for Liz. She had a bad back from a car accident and whilst praying God said to pray the shock and trauma off her from the accident. We did, and Liz had some prophetic words.

Then that afternoon at home, God reminded me that in 1998 on my way back from a conference in Telford I had visited my ex in-laws. Ed now had a bad leg and was walking with a stick. Although non-christians, he let me pray for him. He said he hurt his leg initially in a car accident many years before. God told me to pray the ‘stress and trauma’ off him, which I did, and God healed him. Having reminded me of that, God then said; “and you’ve been in three car accidents and never had the trauma dealt with!”

One was when I was in my late 30’s or early 40’s, when a work colleague was driving us back, in the snow, and we slipped and ended up in a ditch.

Another was when I was in my early 20’s. I was just married and my husband and I were living in Wells and we had gone out for a meal at Wookey Hole. Driving home by Priddy we skidded near the quarry and the car turned over. Amazingly we were uninjured, and both small enough to crawl out through the side windows! We started to walk home and got a lift. Shortly after a policeman visited and was surprised no one was hurt. The next day my husband saw the car, it was a total write-off!

The third car accident was when I was 7 years old and we were living in Nicosia, Cyprus. A friend of my mum was driving, we had picked up her child and my sister aged 5 from school. The road we were on had a very deep, steep ravine down to the river on one side, and a ditch on the other. We went into the ditch and I blacked out! Coming round in a strangers house with my mum trying to give me some water.

3 car accidents!

Then I remembered a few days after the car accident I went for my riding lesson. I was on the horse but not yet in the paddock, when the horse decided to roll! I did manage to get off, but got a black eye, to match the one I already had from the car accident. Somewhere there is a photograph – not pretty!

The Lord then reminded me of something else that happened aged 7. We were all at Kyrenia, our family and some others we knew. For the only time ever there it was much too rough, and no one was in the water. We were on a concrete slab by the beach and by the sea. I was lying down when a big wave came over us and dragged me into the sea. My dad, a very strong swimmer, quickly came into the water and rescued me.

So, three car accidents, a near drowning and being squashed by a horse. I gave Pat a note at Lox Lane on the Thursday night, asking, if it seemed right to her, could she pray for me on the Friday morning.

In the Sanctuary on the Friday morning there was myself, Liz, Pat and Pete. We chatted and worshipped for a while and then prayed for Liz. We worshipped some more then Pat stood behind me and said “All shock and trauma come off!”. There was a sound that came out of me and I started shaking violently! Pat said to stand and shake it off, from my head, shoulders, arms and legs – “in JESUS NAME”. Pat then said “in life, all trauma and any words ever spoken against”

Thank you Jesus, praise you! Thank you for my healing. I wait to see the outworking and difference with being trauma free. Thank you Lord – I have not needed my stick since!