These are 2 prophetic words that have come out of our morning prayer meetings in The Sanctuary recently.

Friday 23rd June 2017

I see Him doing a new thing, streams in the desert. Before a thing comes, I declare it!


No longer an organisation, but it will focus on MY SON, THE GOSPEL and the MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

You asked for words of power – as you focus on my son. I’m raising up MESSENGERS OF PEACE, people of THE WORD and THE SPIRIT.

I am raising up, forming in my hand, moulding like clay. Then firing out like cannon balls into the nation, to destroy strongholds. This place will be known as a place of prophetic voices. A high place, a mountain of the lord. A high place where there is deliverance and freedom.


Wednesday 23rd August 2017

“I am building a people to reach the world and this land; who are not afraid to stand for righteousness and the truth. Who do not value their own lives.

My men will go forth in this land, and this world. My name will be glorified in this nation and this world, so my name would be honoured.

You are a part of this plan, part of this building”