Replenishment_anointing_fron_cover_grandeA review of Patricia Kings book ‘The Replenishment Anointing’ by Juanita Brough

Recently, reading Patricia Kings book, she talks about God using ‘the replenishment anointing’. She says it was what was used with the ‘feeding of the 5000’. The five loaves of bread and two fish; the replenishment anointing continually replaced what was originally there and in addition there was some left over (twelve baskets!)

Patricia talks about Gods replacement with interest; for food, money, strength, time and clothing! She says that as the food or money is being actually given out, it is also being replaced, with some extra at the end!

Patricia talks of one day when she had many back to back meetings, and some time ministering. She got home at 6pm to find a pile of paperwork which would take all night! She wanted to have a meal with her husband for 7pm and pack for a ministry trip abroad in the morning. She also wanted to see her favourite TV show! God spoke to her, saying she had given HIM her time all day – it was deposited in a heavenly account! She could draw on it to do her paperwork. She prayed the Replenishment Anointing for her time and started to tackle the paperwork. Eventually she finished it, and looked at the clock, it was just before 7pm. She was on time for the meal with her husband, got the packing done and saw her show!

This book is only 54 pages long but a wonderful encouraging read. I would really recommend it!

You can buy The Replenishment Anointing by Patricia King from Amazon for £3.92 for the Kindle version or £7.25 for the paper version.