This testimony is from a lady who attended a recent Encounter Weekend at Lox Lane

I attended the B weekend in July, and it was the first time I had been to Lox Lane. I was impressed by the warmth, honesty and willing vulnerability of everyone leading, providing for and attending the weekend. Especially the way the speakers worked together, attended each others’ talks and felt free and welcome to intervene and contribute to them – that was a great example of the body of Christ working as team. Also very touching was having a prayer partner allocated, who had already been praying for me before I even arrived. The worship was simple and inspiring.

On my way there, I suddenly developed a painful stye in my eye that, over the weekend, grew into a polyp-type growth that was impeding my sight. I was prayed with several times but it kept getting worse and I was finding it hard to concentrate on the talks because of the pain. When I prayed at night, I felt it was a spiritual distraction stopping me from receiving all I could from God at the weekend, so on the last evening I asked Steve to pray for that and he commanded it to go. By next morning it was almost gone and there was no pain. It cleared up totally shortly after I got home.
I also had some words from Clive and from Rachel that really addressed my past and current situation, and prayer with Joyce that just lifted a weight off me. I was so enthusiastic about the weekend when I got home that all my friends and church life-group are now demanding I let them know when the next one is so they can all come too!
Thank you!
If you would like to attend an Encounter Weekend our next one is on November 24th – 26th and there still places remaining. We also have future dates for 2018;
Weekend A 
2nd – 4th February
11th – 13th May
14th – 16th September
Weekend B
23rd – 25th March
20th – 22nd July
16th – 18th November
Please contact for more information or to book your place on any of the weekends.