Mary Lyddon shares her recent experience (Q & A style) of travelling to the Royal Albert Hall!

Helen: What’s it all about?

Mary: An evening at the Royal Albert Hall commemorating the centenary of the Balfour declaration, which paved the way for the return and restoration of the Jews to their homeland, Israel!

Helen: How did it affect you?

Mary: Well, being in the Albert Hall is pretty awesome! Getting there was fun, and getting into the bus was also fun with very efficient help from our drivers Andrew Baddeley and Richard Atkinson! (cartoon illustration provided by Andrew Watkins!)


Also a sense of expectation and anticipation. Driving up to the Albert Hall and seeing such a large police presence. Excitement about having seen as a child the fulfilment of biblical prophecy of the return of the Jews. (Isaiah 43:5-7; Amos 9:14-15) And yet aware of Britain’s failure to live up to the ‘noble’ intentions expressed in the Balfour Declaration.

So, yes, a mixture of feelings.

Helen: Have you had any reactions from others who came with you? I gather there were 6 from Shaftesbury and 6 from Bath.

Mary: Yes, here are some:

Andrew & Richard – ‘Acknowledging that without Britain’s initiation and intervention from committed bible believing Christian MPs, and friendship with Jews (like Chaim Weizmann) this would not have happened.

Jane Churcher – ‘Amazingly inspiring to realise how God caused these connections and fantastic miracles to enable His chosen people to have a homeland.

Juanita – ‘Jews and Christians together enjoyed a wonderful evening of music – individual, orchestral and choral. With some drama, brief speeches and a variety of Israeli music and dancing; with everyone clapping along! A really enjoyable, enriching and historical evening!

And some comments from our Bath friends:

Janet – ‘A hugely significant occasion that will have historical and spiritual consequences, and will draw Jews and Christians together in appreciation of one another.’

Barbara – ‘I was profoundly moved by the Nigerian singer, Caleb Alalade, who filled the Albert Hall with his rendering of ‘Great is thy faithfulness’ to an audience of Jews and Christians united by a spirit of thankfulness for the Lord’s restoration of Israel.’

Mary – Yes, certainly I was also moved by the sound of a 500 strong Christian choir from Holland and the Israeli group. What truly moved me was Serguei Popov playing ‘Schindlers List’ on his violin. Wow!

Diana Musters (Mary’s sister) – sums it up for us all: I was very impressed with the historical information that weaved its way through the whole evening; through actors and readers. I came away with a greater understanding and appreciation of its significance.