Written by Juanita Brough

In 1998 I was praying for a friend, she had just lost her twin sister. God gave me a poem called ‘Grief’. It intrigued me, what did I know about arrows?!

Then living in Shaftesbury in October 2016, a friend from my old church in Glastonbury died. Whilst praying for his wife, God gave me another poem ‘When the tears fall’. Occasionally I have shared these two poems with other people who are grieving, and they have said they have helped them.

Recently I saw Revelation TV ‘Church without walls’ on the Sunday night repeat programme. Lorna’s postbag had a feature on grief. I was led to send them my two poems, saying if it would help they could copy them and send them out to people who were grieving. Hoping that God could help more people this way.

Eight weeks ago God gave me the first line to a poem. I jotted down a couple of ideas but was unable to go further. Then on Friday 20th October 2017 God reminded me of that first line again and gave me a second. I wondered if any more would come? It did, and now the poem ‘When a Child Dies’ is written.

On Saturday morning 21st October I had a letter from Lorna Pettie (Revelation TV) She said next time they do a feature on grief again they will use my poems! Now the third poem has been sent, there are many grieving the loss of a child.

My hope and prayer is that as these poems are aired God will use them to bring His healing and help people, along with the prayers of friends. So, quite a story you can see, covering almost twenty years!

Hear are the three poems;

1998 РGrief 

Grief is like an arrow,
cutting deep into the heart.

It numbs us momentarily,
then the tears, they fall as rain.

It wholly overwhelms us,
going deep, deep down inside.

The yearning for our loved one,
who we’ll never see again.

Foe all that’s gone before them,
for all the times we shared.

For shared hopes, tears and laughter,
for just being side by side.

Times have changed, and time moves on,
they, and us, have changed.

In Jesus, we have hope,
that one day, we’ll meet again.

His place, His way, His time,
and in His majestic, tender love.

Grief is like an arrow,
cutting deep into the heart.

But Jesus’ love is with us,
He holds us in His arms.

2016 – When The Tears Fall

When the tears fall,
and the pain is strong,
when we feel we are alone.
When memories come flooding in
of how things, once were.
The days were happier then!
But the tears still fall.

When the tears fall,
and no one is there.
I despair, you’re no longer with me;
I really, really miss you.
Our time together on earth has passed.
You’ve gone your way, and
for now, I’ve gone mine.

So the tears fall.
Through it all,
when the tears fall;
our saviour, our Lord,
our King, is with us,
holding us in his arms,
while the tears fall.

When the tears fall,
he knows our thoughts,
he knows our pain;
he understands it all.
Turn to Him,
you are not alone,
when the tears fall.

2017 – When a Child Dies!

When your child dies,
a part of you dies too.
The shock and depth of pain
is so, so hard to bear.
Is this time? How can it be?
The struggle to believe they’re gone for good.
It is so, so hard,
when a child dies!

When a child dies,
time, does move on;
the sun still shines!
Their loss is so hard to bear,
but daily we move on.
Daily, we remember them.
Daily, we miss them.
It is so, so hard,
when a child dies!

When a child dies,
although they’re gone;
we know they are in a better place.
No more pain, no more tears;
in Heaven, they are safe!
One day, we will be with them.
One day, we will see them again.
It is so, so hard,
when a child dies!

When a child dies,
and we know they are in glory.
Jesus holds us in His arms,
our grief and pain to share.
Daily, we start to understand.
In Heaven, one day, we will be,
with them, in that majestic place.
Then, for evermore – eternally,
I will live with my child who died!