There are often encouraging and inspiring words that come out of our daily prayer meetings in The Sanctuary. It’s great to be able to share them here in The House! The following are from 23rd October 2017;

Simon Baddeley – “I see someone playing an instrument – a key change. Moving from major to minor key!”

“I am coming with a spirit of repentance on this nation. A turning to the Father, that is coming! Like the East wind changing to the West – a change of direction where the wind of the enemy has been; Am I not the King of heaven? Get ready for I am about to blow!”


Ann Butt – “It’s a revelation of my love for you. Who you are to me, who you are to me.

As you learn how much to love each other, as I love you. As you see how precious you are to me, that love will flow. That love will convince them of my love.

There is no love like mine, it’s so powerful it overflows from each of you. Overflow with my love and truth.”