JuanitaWritten by Juanita Brough

28th December 2017

I opened my cards and present, which had already arrived, and tried to ring my sister Kareen to wish her a Happy Birthday, (we are not twins!) I left a message on her answer machine.

Just before I left the house I had a phone call from Jane, my cousin, in Chesire and then as I left my house there was a bag with a present on the doorstep from ‘M’.

I went to the Co-op but realised that I did not have my electric key, so I went back home, where I found another birthday card on the mat from ‘Ma’.

After picking up my electric key I went to ‘M’s’ as she had kindly cooked a beautiful roast meal for me. We had a lovely time together. Thank you Jesus for the lovely companionship and meal with ‘M’.

Afterwards I went to the opticians as my glasses had broken before Christmas and were held together with sellotape! They fixed the glasses with a new screw and would not accept any payment!

I needed to go to Boots and when I went to pay I was asked if I’d like to use the ‘points’ from my card. So I did, and saved the cash.

When I came home there was another card and present from ‘T’. This time, a lovely tea towel.

After going to get some petrol I returned home to find another card with two chocolate coins inside. A special surprise from ‘J’ and ‘M’.

Then there was a message on my answer phone from ‘Ma’, and another from my sister Kareen.

All of sudden there was a knock at the door and it was ‘J’, come to wish me Happy Birthday, and with a card and a beautiful bag with Christmas trees on it, with pens and pads in. She had a cup of tea and a mince pie with a little Christmas tree on it!

Once ‘J’ left I finally got to speak to my sister in person!

Quite a few of my cards had butterflies on them, is the Lord saying something?

What a day, what an amazing time. To everyone – you know who you are – who contributed in any way;
Thank you so, so much and thank you Jesus for orchestrating it all. It’s not every day that one has a sixty sixth birthday!

Ps On the 29th I got a birthday card from ‘A’ and a card from ‘M’ with a sheep and a lamb on – sums it all up!