Written by Juanita Brough

On the night of the 28th/29th December – I had a dream.

In the dream I was the manageress in a hotel. It was large with a very big and busy restaurant and kitchen. For some reason I asked them in the kitchen to do some custard. They put a tin, unopened, on top of the hob!! (We all this should never be, but in the dream it happened!)

A little later I turned back from outside to return to the restaurant and kitchen, to suggest they should remove it – as it was done! As I turned towards the hotel I knew to turn back again and run!

There was an EXPLOSION (sudden) and a GIGANTIC FIREBALL, HIGH and WIDE, way above the hotel. I woke up!

If the kitchen and custard somehow reflect what God has been cooking up in The Sanctuary? If the dining room (full and busy) represents Our Church? With the hotel being The Church, and out beyond representing the World?

Could the explosion represent the suddenly? Could the fireball (gigantic) represent this New Move of God? He is a consuming fire!

It will be amazing and totally overwhelming. The World will have no choice but to notice God!