We have known Rev Emmanuel Boamah-Agyeleum in the town of Takoradi in Ghana for more than ten years. Many of you will know Emmanuel and his wife Monica from their visits here and our regular trips to Ghana.

Emmanuel, as well as being a Pastor and Church leader, has a wonderful ministry with his regular Television and radio programmes which reach out to many thousands of people.

Monica’s vision is for the pre-school, which offers godly, motherly care and a feeding programme for children up to 6 years; since September 2008 she has begun primary education from 6 years upwards and now has two classes.  The pre-school has a dedicated building next to the Worship Centre.

We helped with the purchase of some land upon which they already have begun to build a Church, School and medical centre and Emmanuel has sent us some photos of the work going on to develop the land. They are about to put the roof on the church building which will cost £4500.

Stage 1 – Developing the land!

27657570_742812185904605_5065272865668185422_n          27336378_742812182571272_4911705296854119917_n

27541118_742812189237938_8249981631173991959_n          27459041_742812202571270_6131194387830710022_n

27540108_742812235904600_3267172537435247438_n          27657264_742812239237933_4226556687776541245_n

27459309_742812259237931_6972523161932390500_n          27751517_742812242571266_4503325570747608346_n

Stage 2: Here are some photos that Emmanuel has sent us of materials being delivered as they prepare to put the roof on the church building!

27544853_744264589092698_6908194860130921613_n          27750590_744264585759365_3028337409945184736_n

27459672_744264592426031_5381511894352319202_n          27540602_744264595759364_8638206216532478816_n

Stage 3 – Amazing progress being made! Gives an impression of how large it is!

28276259_751869928332164_3531884694451845131_n          28276524_751869924998831_2644576877088934244_n



Emmanuel is so grateful for all the love, help and support that we’re giving.

If anyone would like more information or to help with the cost then please speak to Alistair Angus in the church office or you can email him on Alistair@fathershouseshaftesbury.co.uk