For anyone who is interested, there is a Women’s conference in Leeds coming up in May:

“Every year we gather for Cherish, a place where all are invited, no one is excluded and all who come are welcomed, loved and prepared for. Cherish is not just a gathering of women, it is a joining of hands and hearts as we unite to build and advance a cause that collectively is so much greater than our individual parts. As one, it is time to unify and amplify the sound of heaven here on earth, to glorify the greatness of our God and to magnify the miracles He is doing in all of our lives.

We want to invite you to join with thousands of women who all have different stories and journeys and yet for these few days God bring us together, weaving us into a magnificent work of art, a masterpiece statement to the world; of His power, love and grace. We come together to believe, pray, worship and celebrate with one another as we see God move in incredible ways. Every individual, each life-giving word, every act of worship and service all become brush strokes as the Creator reveals the beauty of His unravelling purposes and plans.

We are called to set one another up to win and Cherish is a place where we want your dreams to ignite and your faith to rise as we arise and advance together. Here we find our voice and amplify the very sound of Heaven. So what are you waiting for? It won’t be the same without you, there is a place just for you at the table and we can’t wait to welcome you! We are already so expectant for all that is ahead at Cherish 2018.”

AMPLIFY the sound of heaven on earth
MAGNIFY the greatness of our God
GLORIFY His name above everything and everyone
UNIFY together as  one

For more information or to book you can visit the LifeChurch website here:

Or, take a look at the video below;