We would like to share with you some of the testimonies that we received after our February and March Encounter Weekends.

If you would like to find out more about these weekends you can follow this link:  Lox Lane
And to book you can email admin@fathershouseshaftesbury.co.uk

A Mega Blessing!
Dear Clive, Caroline and all the team – you were amazing. Such a mega blessing to all of us. Teaching, care, wisdom, prayer, love and concern for all, such a powerful witness for us to know and see – thank you.  Simon and I were truly blessed by every minute of the time spent with you. I am born again into a family, a new family, the one I always longed for. Jesus is my friend too. Wow! My “mega orphan heart” (as Linda called it) is being healed, changed and renewed. May the Lord bless you & keep you all. Looking forward to March. Much love & blessing, Maria, Simon & Harriet

A Wonderfully Blessed Weekend
Dear Caroline & all the team, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving us such a wonderfully blessed weekend. It was such a privilege to spend time just praising the Lord & seeking his presence. Your honest testimonies & humility were truly amazing. I was amazed that what I prayed through with Angie was confirmed through the prayers of several others in the team. I came away (reluctantly) feeling I was floating and would love to return again to spend more time hearing from our wonderful Lord & just being in his presence. Bless your ministry, with love Shonagh.

A Revelation of Forgiveness
I would like to thank all that were involved with the February Encounter, weekend A.
It was such a special time for me and encompassed such love and truths. Primarily, I had revelation of the importance of forgiveness. Justice has always been a strong ‘trigger’ and I hadn’t realised the significance of this until God opened my heart on this weekend…I could see how I wanted justice for others but mercy for myself!!! I was living in the legalistic realm!
There is such freedom, His freedom in letting go and living according to His will. I am able to love easier, although it is a journey with our Father and we are all works in progress, this truth is liberating!!

Time in God’s Presence
I just wanted to write a quick note to all of you to say thanks very much for running such brilliant weekends. I found this weekend and the weekend I went on back in February really helpful.
It’s helped me to understand how important it is to spend time just in God’s presence, and that I don’t have to come with a long list of prayer requests or worries, etc, I can just enjoy seeking him first and letting him take care of everything else. That has been such a wonderful thing to take on board. The teaching on forgiveness, shame and rejection over the weekends has been so helpful and I think that I will keep revisiting the things that I have learned over time.
I have been really touched by how willing you all are to give up your time to serve other people who you don’t know already…really inspirational.