In April of this year our group of interns at Fathers House spent 2 weeks on a ‘mission’ trip to India as part of their internship program. They were all asked to write about their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all beautifully written, heartfelt and show their unique perspectives. We would like to share these with you over the next few weeks – and to start off with, a poem from Tilly;


Tilly in IndiaIndia, what can I say?

India, what can I say?
Not what I expected, but who can complain.
It’s strange flying on a plane,
to get your whole world stripped away.

What do you do when you’re left with a pain and it won’t stay away.
What do you do when you got it all,
we struggled to even go to the loo.
What can I say Sue?

We went to many church services, I could barely stay awake.
Yes we attended weddings and ate the night away.
We had great conversations that made my heart sway,
I made new friends and for sure they will stay.

Dresses bursting with colour on the street,
Covering the reality of broken dreams.
Girls don’t have much, but their tears can be seen,
weaving through the city like a stream.

The school full of little blessings – all I can do is hope,
that they can get out of this hole of what they call home.
How mad would it be Sue to call them mine!
My heart longs to be their mum.

To protect them from monsters when they cry at night.
I’m helpless, I really do find it hard.
Just pray, there’s nothing more to do.
It’s strange flying on a plane.

Written by Tilly West

You can find out more about our internship program here –  Interns at Fathers House