Over the last month we have been sharing reflections on India from our 2017/18 group of interns. They were all asked to write about their 2 week mission trip to India, their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all beautifully written, heartfelt and show their unique perspectives.

NathanielThis report has been written by Nathaniel.

In India we visited lots of churches, ministering and praying for them before moving to a different church to do the same. I eventually found this difficult to give my heart and love to the people when I was only repeating the same things I said from the other night. Even so, the way God moved clearly impacted and helped the congregation. And it was encouraging to be appreciated and valued even if it was because we were from the West.

The hospitality from everyone was incredible and really touching, although at times uncomfortable. The difference in culture was difficult at times, for example eating meals, the guests would eat first whilst the hosts would wait until everyone had finished before eating. The food was good but intense at times, consistent curry and rice, apart from fast food days! 🙂

The best part of the trip for me was the play times at school, making friends and seeing India outside of the church. Playing and helping at school with the kids was a highlight as it showed me a part of life that isn’t shown much or talked about. The fact that if there wasn’t a school all the kids would probably have been on the streets. To see God’s blessing on Raymond and Abylasha for the school is amazing and to give a small part of what we have to the school was a real blessing to me.

I made some good friends in India, comparing lifestyles, learning each other’s cultures, out of love it was true fellowship. And I was encouraged everyday by their wisdom and words.

Lastly, I loved seeing India. Just catching a small glimpse of the vibrant chaotic colour I had imagined was amazing. Both in the market and seeing an old temple, seeing a whole new culture was really fun. Even seeing an elephant and a camel walking next to the highway was such a blessing, it felt like a gift from God. And to realise there is more to India than what I saw is exciting for future trips.


Group photo in India