GeorgieOver the last few weeks we have been sharing reflections on India from our 2017/18 group of interns. They were all asked to write about their 2 week mission trip to India, their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all beautifully written, heartfelt and show their unique perspectives.

This one has been written by Georgie Rodriguez;

“Father you are found in creation. Within the people that love you. Your name is praised in all the nations and tongues. Your Spirit breaks through any cultural or religious barrier. Thank you for the expression of worship and for the oneness and revelation it brings. Let the drum beat of your heart and the voice of your Holy Spirit be heard all across the world. Thank you Father that you are healing your people to raise them up for battle in the Spirit. That you’re raising faith and conviction up. That your will is stirring up inside our souls. Set a fire within us that won’t ever be taken away. Let it be a contagious fire Lord.” – Trip to India diary 18/4/18

This is what I wrote in my diary while I was in India. I felt that God was showing me how He is gathering His people from all places and languages. I found that extremely fascinating.

India has amazing colours, incredibly rhythmical music and outstanding drivers! The atmosphere was so different to any other place I’ve been to and so was the food and their costumes, but at every meeting and at every house we would all greet with a “Praise the Lord”. That’s the reason we were there in the first place, because we are all seeking to praise Him in our lives and He is the reason.

The school was probably the most impacting thing to me about the whole trip. The first day we were there I sat down for a small break and one of the classrooms was opposite me. I looked at the kids and could really see beyond what they were doing. I felt God speak to me about the simplicity of life. About the beauty of being childlike and not complicating things too much. At the end of school the kids came out to the hall and all prayed together. There was a moment that thankfully I was able to catch and it’s a profound and beautiful memory.

Little girl praying

You have nothing until you decide to give it all. This little girl taught me that the world is full of vain things but that we can still appreciate the important, beautiful and eternal things in life if we put our selfishness aside and stop to observe with our hearts.