Over the last month we have been sharing reflections on India from our 2017/18 group of interns. They were all asked to write about their 2 week mission trip to India, their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all beautifully written, heartfelt and show their unique perspectives.

At the weddinig in IndiaThis last report has been written by David

If I have to use only one word to describe our trip to India I would use the word ‘amazing’. The people; the animals; the rickshaws; everything.

We started with an amazing wedding, which apparently was small. The colours; the fabrics; the hennas; the beauty, were opening themselves to us as flowers.

The churches and the people were very encouraging for me because of their faith, their testimonies and their thirst for God. To overcome and speak in front of the people, pray for people and sing on a stage again was overwhelming; but I wanted to obey, discover God in a new way, manifesting God, and see crazy – good crazy – stuff.

The work in the school was inspiring even when the curtain for the puppet show fell down and I felt humiliated. To see the smiles of the kids enjoying even the simple things is a fact that still challenges me. When I reflect about it……the same with the testimonies of the teachers. Amazing!

The place was shocking for me because it reminds me of Venezuela in a lot of aspects. I even consider to live there, but I want to say that, to my surprise, it is more available to live in India than in my country. The minimum wage provides enough for food, rent and bills.

The driving style is crazy and I love it! Animals in the streets: Mind blowing in love. Ha ha!

In this journey a word was resonating in me: Restoration. I took my flute and played in some streets – I was also praying and singing. God gave me strength to step out and do stuff that I do not often do (or at all). It was encouraging for me when God confirmed the restoration word through Abi and Raymond. I can say that I love India and I see it with mercy.

I have to confess that I was expecting to serve – as well as going to the temple of the monkey and the Taj Mahal; feed a cow; ride an elephant; have a henna and learn kathakali – but I try to think that what happened in India is what God wanted to happen.

To finish I want to say that I loved the culture, the markets, the colours, the garments, the ornaments etc; and that I struggled with the curry and the mosquitos! Ha, ha, ha!!

Group photo in India