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We thought it would be good to let you know some of the things which have been going on at Lox Lane over the past year. All exciting, although some less glamorous than others!

Steve & Rachel Scott have been living at Lox Lane for over a year now – they have done a great job as hosts, alongside Andy & Linda East and Jean Knight.

Work done in the last year:

  • Replacement of 40 windows and doors. This was a really big project which took place last October. It has made such a difference. We are going to put some photos on the Father’s House Facebook page & ‘The House’ magazine for anyone who hasn’t been to Lox Lane to see them.
  • Renovations in the Barn where Steve and Rachel and their family are living.
  • Complete electrical inspection and a fire inspection of all the buildings. Installation of a whole new connected Fire Alarm system in the Farmhouse.
  • Repair of the Klargester (waste system) in July this year. A very unglamorous but very necessary job. 
  • And lots of on-going decoration and improvement. Everyone at Lox Lane has contributed to this.

Thanks to everyone who has been generous with their giving, enabling us to accomplish all that we have done this year.

Events and groups

  • We have run 6 Encounter Weekends over the past 12 months – these continue to give many people the opportunity to find healing and freedom through an encounter with the Father. 
  • We hosted the ‘Lavish’ Weymouth Children’s camps, over 2 weeks in the Summer – providing the perfect place for a life-changing experience for a 100 children and young adults 
  • We have hosted many groups from other Churches, as well as families and individuals – receiving great feedback about the welcome, the atmosphere and the cooking! The organiser of one men’s group which come for a weekend every January describes it as a ‘place of grace’.

Looking forward

We continue to work on upgrading and improving the fabric of Lox Lane. For example we are still looking to repair the South West gable end of the Farmhouse, install fire doors in the Farmhouse and fire alarms in the rest of the buildings at Lox Lane. Not to mention aiming to upgrade all the beds and mattresses on site. 

We are working hard on marketing to make ourselves more ‘visible’ so we can increase bookings. Essential if we want to move forward with major improvements. 

We are looking at the idea of regularly running our own mid-week events at Lox Lane, with various speakers and themes. Our first is planned for the 26th – 30th November 2018, when we have a conference called ‘Running Life’s Marathon with Passion’: A five day study on the book Hebrews by our dear friend Paul Wakely. We believe this is just the beginning…. 

Our vision is that in building on the bookings from other groups using Lox Lane as a venue AND beginning to put in place more of our own events we can look forward to planning a much bigger project in the near future! Replacing the Kitchen, Dining room and Meeting rooms – all of which have seen better days. As you can imagine this is indeed a big project!

If the Lord prompts you to invest in the work at Lox Lane that would be great but there is no pressure.

If you would like to know more about Lox lane visit the House on-line magazine to see the articles about Lox Lane or you can become a friend of Lox lane at www.loxlane.co.uk/friends-of-lox-lane