JuanitaWritten by Juanita Brough

I was privileged to join the Bootcamp for two weeks in early September. We had a lot of great teaching, and we also had times of soaking – during two of these sessions I felt that the Lord gave me these two words;


Rest in my Presence,
Rest in my Love.
Rest in Me!

From there shall your strength be.
Rest in Me.

The key is Rest in Me.
From Rest you will go;
from Rest, you will take my Love.

(Steve Scott had earlier spoken on serving)

You will serve my people!
The Harvest is on its way!
I am preparing a vast army of people to come.
To come to Fathers House, where they really belong;
so they will know me and my love for them,

Prepare to receive them,
prepare to serve them

Prepare your hearts,
prepare your minds,
this is a new thing!

This is a new thing,
you will see here, and in many parts of the world.
This is a new thing, I am doing.

Stay close to me, listen to me!

(Later when praying about this word, I sensed that He wanted us to welcome those who come in, using the fruits of the Spirit!)