Lox LaneWe would like to share with you some of the lovely feedback that we have received from our recent Encounter Weekend A.


“Thanks for a brilliant weekend. I really feel encouraged and energised! Please thank all the team for their love and commitment.” 


“I really want to thank you, and all your amazing team, for putting on such a fabulous weekend at Lox Lane. I cannot begin to tell you how much it blessed, challenged and thrilled me. And what a comfortable place and wonderful food too! 

Working through all the material will take a long time and I am praying I will keep at it, as it is obvious that it is transformative teaching of the very highest level. My friend and I have agreed to have regular sessions to do a health-check to see how we are progressing, to encourage each other. We both particularly loved how practical and realistic the sessions were; the regular relating of personal stories by the speakers kept it real and was very encouraging.” 


“I found the weekend life-changing!

I admired ex-senior businessmen explaining how they faced breakdowns/turning points in their lives and shared that.  This is because we are all used to being identified according to our professions I believe. People were genuine and shared, which really touched me very much.

I appreciated the willingness of facilitator volunteers.  All went well taking into account that we did not know each other from Adam!

I have noticed a huge difference in my life.  I know I expect a lot from myself and know that I’m not there yet.

I appreciated the fact that the 2 x 1 hour sessions were “Dorset time”, ie 1 hour plus rather than clock watching!

Most of all there was an older lady who had a real Dorset accent and white hair.  She seemed to know what I was going through and feeling and was able to pray with me.  This gave me strength.

I went away more confident knowing the love of Yeshua and God himself.

You ask what can be improved?  However, the secret lies in your customers having the right attitude in coming to the weekend.  I came along expecting and determined to change this around in my life and this is happening.

Thank you to all of you for being so brave, courageous and kind.”


If you have been encouraged by these testimonies and would like to experience an Encounter Weekend for yourself you can follow this link to find out more Encounter Weekends or contact admin@fathershouseshaftesbury.co.uk


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