JuanitaWritten by Juanita Brough

Back on 16th May I was in Salisbury hospital having a new knee. The operation went well, however my blood pressure dropped to 4! – meaning I was in the recovery area for 6 hours before going on the ward. Once there they tried me on the painkillers; I was sick 10 times, being allergic to them!

A few days later I overdid the water and my sulphur levels dropped, making me as white as my sheet apparently!

Thank you to my sisters – God’s secret army, Angie, Mary and Stella who visited me in hospital; and Andrew Baddeley who brought me home.

Once home Mary Lyddon came to the rescue! I was so very weak, as a result of my experience, and the anaesthetic. Even simple things like getting dressed meant I then had to rest and recover for two hours!

Mary settled me in my bed and she took my hospital washing. Then Gill arrived with a lovely evening meal and a special bedside table.

For the next month I did not go out – too weak, no energy! God’s secret army, my family, kindly cooked for me, always something amazing and delicious. My shopping was done, my car tax and insurance dealt with, prescriptions collected and delivered.

God’s secret army, my special family, you all know who you are. You were amazing, thank you so, so much, bless you!

I needed regular lifts to Salisbury hospital, then weekly to the physio here in Shaftesbury. God’s people were so wonderful, thank you. There were also lifts getting me back from the Westminster after my physio and visits to Nadine – thank you Mo and Tricia. It really was a few months before my strength returned, and I started driving again!

Thank you so much to every single one of you who kindly helped me during my recovery.

God’s secret army, you are incredible!

A special thank you to Mary, who helped to organise things for me. Bless you all.