JuanitaWritten by Juanita Brough

On Monday 17th December, in the afternoon, I was driving to Gillingham – going the Lox Lane way. As I pulled out back onto the main road, and went to change up a gear, nothing happened! It wouldn’t let me get into any other gear. I was in first and continued moving – slowly signalling left. The one car behind me overtook, then the road was clear – a blessing!

In the middle of the countryside, there I was praying to make it to the nearest building. This I did and pulled  off the road safely!

Then I knocked on the door and it was Clive & Sues house, another blessing, and they were in! I had believed my gear box had gone but Clive said it was the clutch.

Sue kindly gave me a lift home and they let my car stay for the garage the next day. I want to thank God for His kindness, goodness and love to me, things could have been so different.

He is a good God! A wonderful Father!