“When you’ve tasted something of the Father’s real love, you just want more of Him.”

courtyard2This is just one sentence of the many testimonies that Eagles Wings School of the Heart stirs in people.
The program is designed to attain a deeper relationship with God by learning how to hear and know Him, as well as receiving heart healing and personal discipleship. It allows intimacy with the Father, building a foundation of love and opens people to spiritual growth. The program has 3 schools running a year, based on the lovely Lox Lane Farm.

Lox Lane, a Father’s House establishment located in the North Dorset countryside, is set apart from the busyness of local life. The rustic farmhouse and courtyard are both beautifully refurbished into a conference centre, perfect for silent and profound moments with God. It’s environment models the vision of Eagle’s Wings School making it the ideal location for this school.

The 3 Eagles Wings schools, while all equally important, are distinct;

School 1 is a 3 week summer course from June 23rd to July 13th, 2019. It is offered to students who have the summer off, those travelling from other nations or to those who are able to take 3 weeks out of work.

Schools 2 and 3 are both rigorous eight day courses and are intended to be taken consecutively. These 2 schools could be considered by those with limited time or who can only take a short time out of work. School 2 is from June 23rd to June 30th, 2019 (you will join with the first week of School 1) and School 3 is from October 11th to the 20th, 2019.

Please note that all of the 3 schools are open to those 18 and older.  

There is a fee and application process so please sign up as soon as possible to ensure a place! Follow this link to the Eagles Wings website for more information and to download an application form Eagles Wings

Or please feel free to contact the school administrator Linda East at linda@eagles-wings.co.uk

 The Eagles Wings School of the Heart team looks forward to welcoming you on to their next School!