Helen & Sharon paintiongWritten by Sharon Bielby

Having started with the month of prayer and worship back in September 2018, Helen Baddeley and I have committed to meeting each week – we generally pray a bit, paint a lot and listen to what God is saying or showing us as we paint.


He is so kind and faithful and every time He reveals more of His heart to us and we always leave uplifted and wishing that we had started earlier in the day, reluctant to leave. For me personally I find that its time out from the bustle of life when I fix my gaze on The One. As I ask Him questions I am continually amazed and encouraged at the journey with Him and His kindness towards me, the vastness of His plan and that He cares about the smallest detail.

Blue & red paintingOne area that we have been asking God about is how this creative gift that He has given us should be shared: Firstly how we display it well for others to access, and secondly how we encourage others in their creativity.
We plan to gather with people who have expressed an interest in committing to be part of the Creative Team –meeting together weekly to pray, to share vision and to paint together and sometimes as part of corporate worship. Perhaps other skills will join us: poets, sculptors……?


ExibitionAs part of this Simon and Philippa have asked us to curate works to be displayed in The Sanctuary and on the end wall of the main hall – this to be continually changing as God speaks. The second area that we will curate is a ”Creatives Wall” for those who don’t want to join the Creative Team, but who have created work inspired in their time with God that they want to share, to edify and uplift the church family and visitors. If you have work that you want to display see Helen and Sharon who will be organising a display on a monthly rotation.


Together we will be painting/writing/building the story that God has put on our hearts. This Vision has been growing in our hearts for some time. Following the profound weekend with Emma Stark – the prophetic word that reiterated what so many other prophets have spoken to us at Fathers House over the years – I feel compelled to act upon the vision for Creativity as part of our worship without delay. There is a very real sense of urgency not just to layout the vision that we have been given for everyone to catch but also to put things in place physically – to make room! To be diligent with what we have been given to do.

Helen & Sharon paintiong          Helen painting          Blue swirly painting

Just as artists in history herald a change in culture, I see that art here at Fathers House will be a key part of the process of transforming the bride of Christ: creating an environment of hopeful anticipation; where healing is accessed on viewing a painting, people are set free, marriages are restored as a poem is read. Our spirit is touched by heaven and we are open to God in a way that transcends our thinking. We are learning how to do this, we know we will make mistakes but our heart is to honour the creative gift that each one of us has as children of our Creator Dad. We hope to encourage those who are tentative, recognising that we are unique – each of us will display His creativity uniquely. Together we are learning to be brave.