We had the pleasure of having our dear friend Raymond with us recently and he was able to update us on how their building project is progressing in Gurgaon, India. For those who weren’t able to be with us on Sunday Raymond has shared part of his story, some photos and video of how the project is going;

Written by Raymond Massey

In 1992 God called me out of my hopeless, lonely and devastated life to a glorious journey of being His Son. My life was completely shattered with repeated untimely deaths of my family members. I was living without any purpose, until one night an acquaintance invited me to a prayer meeting. After that meeting somebody walked with me to my house and changed me forever. My ruins were built and mourning was turned to dancing.

Since that day I have been living a life with purpose and have seen hundreds find Jesus in their darkest hour. These 21 years have been an amazing journey of God’s faithfulness. I have been pastoring a church since 1998, however in 2011 God gave me a vision to reach the lost through the medium of education. We started a school by the name of Tabernacle Public School providing primary education to the children of the economically weaker section of the society. This school has also been instrumental in spreading good news and hope to the lost.

We felt a great need to have our own premises and so in 2014 we started praying for land and started raising funds within our church and ministry. When we shared the vision with Pastor Clive Jackson and elders of Father’s House, they encouraged us. Father’s House came forward and enabled us to buy a piece of land, 400 square yards, in July 2018 in Gurgaon near our present school.  For the last nine years we have been running the school in a rented place, however recently the owner sold it and asked us to vacate the building by April 2019.

We are so grateful to a member of Father’s House for providing a generous gift of £10,000 and another gift of £1400 from The Prayer House Weymouth, for the construction of the building. Our local church and ministry has also raised approx £5000, and so we were able to start building in Jan 2019.

Currently we are about to finish the laying of the roof of the basement. This basement will have the assembly area and an auditorium for the school. Our Church people, primarily from the lower middle class background are contributing towards the building material, however we still urgently need £30,000 to complete the first phase of the project. This will include eight class rooms, one office, staff rooms for the teachers and five washrooms.

We humbly invite you to contribute generously to this building project so that we can move into our building within the stipulated time frame and impact many young lives for the Kingdom.

We know each penny counts, however besides your donations we would appreciate your prayers to win this nation for Jesus.

Yours in Christ, Raymond

Follow this link to watch a video of the building work happening!


And this is a link to the churches Facebook page, where you will find regular updates.


If you feel led to support this building project you can give any donations to Fathers House Shaftesbury, indicating what the donation is for, and it will be passed on to Raymond in India.