Marcus & Emily Letts are part of our story here as a fellowship and they have been on their journey of faith for almost 4 years. Clive & Sue recently visited them in Marathon, in mainland Greece, and were able to catch up with them and meet the Christian community they have linked up with. Hellenic Ministries is an established evangelical mission working throughout Greece and the leaders of the organisation have offered Marcus a role particularly helping with the refugees in Lesvos, which will be great.

They are looking for people to sponsor Marcus, Emily and the family. If the Lord stirs you to do this either as a one off gift or as a regular supporter for a time, we believe it would be a great investment in the Kingdom and in the future of the gospel in Greece. More details of how to give are at the end of this article.

Here are some excerpts from Marcus’ recent newsletter to give you a flavour of what they will be doing.

A door is opening on the island of Lesvos! We believe that God is calling us to invest ourselves wholeheartedly in the aid, evangelism and discipleship of these displaced people in the hour of their greatest need……

After 2 years in the wilderness of Evia island we’ve rather suddenly been picked up and planted in Athens! Carried along upon a wave of grace, we’ve connected with a local church in Athens and a well established ministry called Hellenic Ministries…… After laying down our long term plans Emily and I feel increasingly established and our boys Seth (5) and Lucas (2) are growing in stature and wisdom every day!

Needless to say we are thrilled to invite our home church in Shaftesbury to join with us in responding to his calling at this time.

“People are stepping out of boats and asking “tell me about your Jesus”

“Refugees are having their lives turned around by the gospel, literally. They’re returning to the nations from which they fled…as missionaries!”

Specifically I have been asked to;

  • Generate dignified work for the camp occupants.
  • Develop educational programmes to equip refugees with language and vocational skills.
  • Build lasting and committed relationships between refugees and local people, as well as with church communities in Athens.
  • Increase refugee participation in established ‘community centres’ where the gospel is successfully being presented.
  • Develop an effective model for establishing worshipping communities in the midst of refugee hotspots such as Lesvos.

Prayer is our top priority. Specifically please join us in praying for:

  • Our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being as a family.
  • The health and safety of the refugee community in Lesvos and Athens.
  • That hearts and minds would respond to the gospel like never before.
  • Revival in the church communities of Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • Historic breakthrough in the evangelisation of the Muslim nations.

If you feel led to support Marcus & Emily you can download the PDF below which will give instructions on how to does this.