Written by Simon Venn

The Daily telegraph on Monday carried a full page photograph of Boris Johnson driving away from a failed meeting at Chequers saying “We have blinked, we have baulked, we have bottled it completely. It’s time for the PM to channel the spirit of Moses in Exodus, and say to pharaoh in Brussels – LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

Dramatic words at a crisis moment, but the bluster of Boris could not be more different from the spirit of Moses, who was described as, “The meekest man in all the earth.”

He was born the son of an Israelite slave in Egypt, as a baby cast into the River Nile on Pharaoh’s command , only to be rescued by Pharaoh’s own daughter and brought up in the royal household as a prince in Egypt. As a young man in the pride of his position, he went to see the plight of his Israelite countrymen and killed an Egyptian guard who was abusing one of them. He soon realised his own people didn’t trust him and he fled from the scene and from the palace and spent the next forty years as a shepherd on the edge of the desert. His pride was humbled, his youthful confidence broken down, but his heart still ached for his people.

He was God’s chosen instrument to set them free. He knew the Royal Court, and he knew the broken spirit of his people. But when God called him at the Burning bush, he was so low in self-esteem that his response was, “Oh Lord please send somebody else.” The spirit of Moses was one of brokenness and knowledge of his past failures, but God said, “I AM with you” and it was His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, in Moses, that set his people free.

Mike Thompson spoke at the Filling Station last week and began by quoting 2 Chron 7:14 “If MY PEOPLE who are called by MY NAME will HUMBLE THEMSELVES and PRAY, and SEEK MY FACE and TURN from THEIR WICKED WAYS. Then I will HEAR them from heaven and will FORGIVE their sins and will HEAL their land

After 27 years of unjust imprisonment Nelson Mandela’s Peace and Reconciliation Committee achieved the impossible in the bloodless healing of South Africa from the tyranny of Apartheid. It was his personal journey that gave him the moral authority to end the violence and save his nation.

Joseph’s boyhood dream of being bowed down to as the head of his family was a true message from God, and they hated him for it. His journey took him through violence, slavery and years of unjust imprisonment before his character was formed enough to make him the saviour of his people.

Moses, Nelson Mandela and Joseph all set their people free, but each of them went through brokenness and a life-changing reformation on the way, so that God’s Spirit could move freely through their lives.

The prophets have spoken many times over the years of Britain carrying a light for the world and salvation pouring from this land. And He longs to do it again, and the world desperately needs it.

BUT if we are embracing that promise, there is a journey to travel and a cost to be born.

HUMBLING THE PRIDE OF A NATION is something only God can do. We see it written in the Old Testament time and time again. If the destiny of our nation is to shine a light in the world, we need to be on our knees right now.

If all this clamour over Brexit ends with us leaving Europe without an agreement, and if the shaking of our constitution brings violence to the streets and anger that our government has refused to deliver the will of the people – we could be entering that ‘special place in hell’ that Donald Tusk jokingly said was prepared for those who began this process without an end in view, secretly hoping it would never happen.

Now I don’t want to be a ‘prophet of doom’ but if we are praying for God’s guidance in this Brexit process, and for HIS WILL TO BE DONE…..Could it be that a crash out of Europe with all its uncertainties constitutionally, politically, socially and economically. And the PRIDE of GREAT BRITAIN becoming a laughing stock of LITTLE ENGLANDERS all around the world……Could it be that this is the right answer for us, in the will of God? Is this coming from God’s hand? Is this what we need? Or are we just hoping for ‘Peace in our time’?

Is this all in the will of God to bring our country humbly to its knees? Shaking all that can be shaken around us, until the unshakeable Kingdom of God may be seen for what it truly is in our midst. Still very much alive in the heart of this nation.

Could it be that through our humility and brokenness, we might become a light bearer again for that light which lightens every man coming into the world?

Father our hope is in you and your unshakeable Kingdom in the scene that faces us today.

And we pray that your will is done. And we pray against the powers of darkness, violence and disruption that would like to run the riot in this vulnerable time. And we bind them in Jesus name.

And we pray for an open heaven over Westminster, that anger is stilled and the rival bids of party politics are set aside and Godly wisdom is spoken out and hearts and minds are drawn into agreement with it.

And we pray for our Queen, that while she has no direct part in the politics, her wisdom, calm and faith behind the political leaders, may help them steer a straight course through this storm. In the name of Jesus – Amen.