The House newspaper is all about communicating the news, testimonies and stories of Gods faithfulness and answered prayers that we know are happening all the time in the Fathers House family. It is always encouraging to hear what is happening and what God is doing!

In whatever area or context of church life you are involved in, or enjoy being a part of, YOU have a story to tell which will interest and encourage others.
We would love to see not only text but photos and video clips. These will help to bring your story to life and make it much more personal, however please don’t be put off from contributing if you do not have these.

Helen will look at all contributions that come in and may make a few minor tweaks, or she may contact you if she feels it would be good to have more detail, before the article is published. However we will always seek to maintain the integrity and ‘feel’ of the article.

Along side these articles we now also have a new section (or ‘category’) called ‘Perspectives‘. The reason being that from time to time someone from Fathers House will submit an ‘insight’ that is very helpful and relevant to where we are on our journey together. We don’t publish all of these, but if we do, this is what they will be called. The Fathers House leadership team will have the final decision on which of these articles are published, but please continue to submit all articles through Helen.

We have tried to make it as straightforward as possible for anyone to contribute to the ‘House’ and here are a few pointers to get you started.

How to submit an article:

1. Write your article or story using between 250 – 500 words and email it to helen at

2. If you are sending in photos or video clips please email those separately rather than as an attachment to the main article

3. For those that do not have any access to a computer, laptop or ipad please speak to Helen and I’m sure we can find a solution.

If you have any questions or experience any problems please complete the form below

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