The First Adam And The last Adam

Written by Celia Barlow I was recently going through my filing cabinet when I found some essays that I had written for a Diploma in Biblical Studies. I’d like to share these with you and I hope you find this first one interesting. 1.Use Genesis 1:28 and

Open House Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, updating our volunteers and supporters on the work of Open House. News You may recently have seen some of our volunteers standing outside Tesco, collecting for our Christmas Hamper Appeal. Shaftesbury shoppers were very generous and donated a

Food For Thought!

Written by Juanita Brough As Christians are we ever in danger of gossiping the devils strategy? I would be the first to agree that there are many terrible things going on in this country and the world at this moment. The devils time is short and he

Open House July Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, updating you with all the news and prayer requests from Open House. News It is less than a week to go until our fundraising event! Shaftesbury Acoustic Café are hosting an evenings entertainment at Fathers House on Saturday

A Testimony

Written by Moreblessing Loxton I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, in a small place called Banket, in Mashonaland West. I was the fourth child in a family of eight girls and one boy. From a very early age I learnt to work on farms and


Written by Simon Baddeley I love that God wants to communicate with us. He has a rich vocabulary and is able to speak to us in a multitude of ways. Over the next few pages I have tried to communicate some visions the Lord gave me between

Kingdom Studies – Creation

Written by Celia Barlow I have been very blessed by attending Sue Jackson’s Kingdom Studies and although I am not an intern I have had a bash at their essay assignments, one of which is attached. It is very short due to only 250 words allowed Explain

Open House April Newsletter

Welcome to the third edition of our quarterly newsletter with news, updates and prayer requests! Spring is here (I think!) and we are looking forward to new things! News; We are pleased to say that our application for separate charitable status has been submitted, after a much

A Door of Hope

Marcus & Emily Letts are part of our story here as a fellowship and they have been on their journey of faith for almost 4 years. Clive & Sue recently visited them in Marathon, in mainland Greece, and were able to catch up with them and meet

Building project in Gurgaon, India

We had the pleasure of having our dear friend Raymond with us recently and he was able to update us on how their building project is progressing in Gurgaon, India. For those who weren’t able to be with us on Sunday Raymond has shared part of his

Odettes Testimony

Written by Odette Ebel God has pressed upon me to share my testimony, more and more recently. I have waited too long and feel compelled now more than ever to share it. It is very long, but I know with all my heart that it is meant

Encounter Weekend – ‘Tools for dealing with the past, present & future’

We had the joy of hosting another amazing Encounter Weekend at Lox Lane recently. 27 delegates arrived on the Friday evening, 21 of whom had never attended one of these weekends before, and left on Sunday afternoon with testimonies of what God had done in their lives.


Written by Alisha Paez Worship Corporal or Individual Our mouths open, praising Raising our voices Raising our hands Preaching on stands Or dipping paint from cans We create for the Creator Our eyes rise as God sighs in delight Our hearts thump for the eternal Yearning for

Fathers House Creative Arts Team Vision

Written by Sharon Bielby Having started with the month of prayer and worship back in September 2018, Helen Baddeley and I have committed to meeting each week – we generally pray a bit, paint a lot and listen to what God is saying or showing us as

Open House – January Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of our quarterly newsletter with news, updates and prayer requests! Let me first say Happy New Year to all of our supporters and regular givers, we’re really excited about the year to come. News Christmas seems a long time ago now, but

Open House Fund Raising!

Written by Helen Beecham You may have already noticed, if you shop regularly in Tesco, that one of the charities they are supporting at the moment is Open House! And you can help us to raise money by popping all your blue tokens in our slot! Open

A Testimony

Written by Juanita Brough On Monday 17th December, in the afternoon, I was driving to Gillingham – going the Lox Lane way. As I pulled out back onto the main road, and went to change up a gear, nothing happened! It wouldn’t let me get into any

A Testimony

Written by Juanita Brough On Friday 23rd November, in the Sanctuary, Richard had been worshipping with the guitar. During a time of instrumental worship I had the strange sensation of swimming (Ezekiel 47 v 5!) I realised He was taking me deeper! I then remembered seeing a

Gods Secret Army

Written by Juanita Brough Back on 16th May I was in Salisbury hospital having a new knee. The operation went well, however my blood pressure dropped to 4! – meaning I was in the recovery area for 6 hours before going on the ward. Once there they

Encounter Weekend Testimonies

We would like to share with you some of the lovely feedback that we have received from our recent Encounter Weekend A.   “Thanks for a brilliant weekend. I really feel encouraged and energised! Please thank all the team for their love and commitment.”    “I really want

Running Life’s Marathon With Passion

As part of our desire to begin regularly running our own mid-week events at Lox Lane, with various speakers and themes, Father’s House are really pleased to be hosting a week with our dear friend Paul Wakely called Running Life’s Marathon With Passion. This will be a five

Starlight party

Once again Father’s House will be hosting a Starlight party – as an alternative to halloween. It’s an opportunity for Primary School age children to enjoy an evening of fun! There will be crafts & games,  a hotdog & sweet treat and they’ll go home with a

Open House – Oct Newsletter

Written by Helen Beecham Thank you to all who support and pray for Open House! We love that this is a Churches Together, community wide project and we so appreciate the ways in which everyone contributes; whether that is as a volunteer on a Tuesday, through regular

Rest and Serving

Written by Juanita Brough I was privileged to join the Bootcamp for two weeks in early September. We had a lot of great teaching, and we also had times of soaking – during two of these sessions I felt that the Lord gave me these two words;

Lox Lane Update

We thought it would be good to let you know some of the things which have been going on at Lox Lane over the past year. All exciting, although some less glamorous than others! Steve & Rachel Scott have been living at Lox Lane for over a

Reflections on India – David

Over the last month we have been sharing reflections on India from our 2017/18 group of interns. They were all asked to write about their 2 week mission trip to India, their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all beautifully written, heartfelt and

Reflections on India – Nathaniel

Over the last month we have been sharing reflections on India from our 2017/18 group of interns. They were all asked to write about their 2 week mission trip to India, their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all beautifully written, heartfelt and

Reflections on India – Abi

Over the last month we have been sharing reflections on India from our 2017/18 group of interns. They were all asked to write about their 2 week mission trip to India, their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all beautifully written, heartfelt and

Open House – Going Forward

As many of you will already know Helen Croud is leaving us soon to take up a new and exciting challenge! Helen has been accepted to train with the Church of England to become an ‘Ordained Incumbent Pioneer Minister’! Her training will begin in September and will

Reflections on India – Georgie

Over the last few weeks we have been sharing reflections on India from our 2017/18 group of interns. They were all asked to write about their 2 week mission trip to India, their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all beautifully written, heartfelt

Reflections on India – Lewie

In April of this year our group of interns here at Fathers House spent 2 weeks on a ‘mission’ trip to India as part of their internship program. They were all asked to write about their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all

Reflections on India – Tilly

In April of this year our group of interns at Fathers House spent 2 weeks on a ‘mission’ trip to India as part of their internship program. They were all asked to write about their experiences, and how the trip had affected them. They are all beautifully

Interns at Fathers House

Written by Andrew & Flor White It is now a year since we welcomed our group of six interns to join us on a journey of discovering God and themselves. Father’s House has been at the forefront of renewal and revival in the UK for the past

Encounter Weekend Testimonies

We would like to share with you some of the testimonies that we received after our February and March Encounter Weekends. If you would like to find out more about these weekends you can follow this link:  Lox Lane And to book you can email A Mega

My Visit to Double Joy Kenya 2018

Written by Sue Hilliard I arrived at Double Joy on 30th January this year. Double Joy is home to 90 orphans from the local area, and situated south of Kisumu, on a peninsula of Lake Victoria, close to the Ugandan border. The main purpose of my visit was

A Time For Outreach

Written by Michele Norton Back last summer we had a service where God was asking those who felt they were in their comfort zone, to be willing to take a step of faith and move forward with him. I was feeling very comfortable, so went forward to

Cherish Women’s Conference 2018

For anyone who is interested, there is a Women’s conference in Leeds coming up in May: “Every year we gather for Cherish, a place where all are invited, no one is excluded and all who come are welcomed, loved and prepared for. Cherish is not just a

New Building in Takoradi!

We have known Rev Emmanuel Boamah-Agyeleum in the town of Takoradi in Ghana for more than ten years. Many of you will know Emmanuel and his wife Monica from their visits here and our regular trips to Ghana. Emmanuel, as well as being a Pastor and Church

My Unusual Birthday

Written by Juanita Brough 28th December 2017 I opened my cards and present, which had already arrived, and tried to ring my sister Kareen to wish her a Happy Birthday, (we are not twins!) I left a message on her answer machine. Just before I left the

A Vision Shared

Written by Deane Gardiner When, nearly three years ago, my wife died, I was wondering what the next stage of my journey would be like. I had largely looked after her during the last three years of her life and now that role had ended. What did

Words From The Sanctuary

There are often encouraging and inspiring words that come out of our daily prayer meetings in The Sanctuary. It’s great to be able to share them here in The House! The following are from 23rd October 2017; Simon Baddeley – “I see someone playing an instrument –

Quite A Story

Written by Juanita Brough In 1998 I was praying for a friend, she had just lost her twin sister. God gave me a poem called ‘Grief’. It intrigued me, what did I know about arrows?! Then living in Shaftesbury in October 2016, a friend from my old

Open House Christmas Celebration For Local Families

After the success of the last 2 years the Open House community outreach project are again hosting a Christmas meal, on 15th & 16th December, for vulnerable families that have been helped this year. We will be welcoming 200 people over 2 nights for a delicious Christmas

A trip to the Royal Albert Hall!

Mary Lyddon shares her recent experience (Q & A style) of travelling to the Royal Albert Hall! Helen: What’s it all about? Mary: An evening at the Royal Albert Hall commemorating the centenary of the Balfour declaration, which paved the way for the return and restoration of

An Encounter Weekend Testimony

This testimony is from a lady who attended a recent Encounter Weekend at Lox Lane I attended the B weekend in July, and it was the first time I had been to Lox Lane. I was impressed by the warmth, honesty and willing vulnerability of everyone leading,

The Replenishment Anointing

A review of Patricia Kings book ‘The Replenishment Anointing’ by Juanita Brough Recently, reading Patricia Kings book, she talks about God using ‘the replenishment anointing’. She says it was what was used with the ‘feeding of the 5000’. The five loaves of bread and two fish; the

From Ego to Compassion

Written by Charlotte Dooley “What is God doing to me?” – my quote to Clive at the encounter weekend in July 2017! I had been aware of a transformation within for some time, including a prophecy in March 2017 that I was turning into a beautiful butterfly

Prophetic words

These are 2 prophetic words that have come out of our morning prayer meetings in The Sanctuary recently. Friday 23rd June 2017 I see Him doing a new thing, streams in the desert. Before a thing comes, I declare it! “I’M REFORMING THE CHURCH!” No longer an

A Testimony of God’s Goodness

Written by Juanita Brough I would like to share this testimony to God’s goodness. On Wednesday 26th July when I got to the Sanctuary just after 9am Pat was the only one there. She said that God had given her a vision that morning, and spoken to

Lox Lane Farm – The Story Continues!

Keeping you in touch with Lox lane Farm. Lox Lane is an exciting venture – and the most exciting news of all is the arrival of Steve and Rachel Scott who have swelled our little community from 3 to 7! Here is what they look like! We

Northern Ireland

Written by Rich Atkinson Northern Ireland – Two words that lead uncomfortably into a whole ‘rats’ nest of adjectives such as ‘The Troubles’, conflict, terrorists, Para-military, violence and many more besides. Growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s, Northern Ireland troubles were never very far from our

Fathers House Shaftesbury – Internship program

Written by Andrew White Here is a summary of the plans for our internship programme. Please think and pray, pass it on to anyone you think might be interested. We also are looking for people who would be willing to host…. For over 40 years the Church

Eagles Wings – School of the Heart

For a number of years we have been running our school of the heart “Eagles Wings” at Lox Lane. David and Faith Dalley head up the team and bring a wealth of experience and teaching birthed out of their own journey. The school has resulted in many

A Testimony

Written by Michele Norton While in hospital having my knee replacement, I was in the right place with the Lord as he had shown me that I was going to be able to share with others. So off I went on the 20th of April with my

Mangos, Mud Huts and Jesus

Whilst the information highways that we have available at our fingertips today are taken for granted, growing up in Britain through the 1970’s with 3 channels of T.V. to us seemed like cutting edge. However, the 6 or 10 O’clock news (whether it was BBC or ITV)

Alpha at Fathers House Shaftesbury

Got questions about life? Have you heard of the Alpha Course? Father’s House Shaftesbury, who open their doors to the community every Tuesday morning for their drop-in advice service, Open House, will also be opening their doors on a Monday evening to give an opportunity to all,

More Encounter Weekend Testimonies

Following on from our previous article, here are some more powerful testimonies from recent Encounter Weekends: Testimony 4 – “I’d like to thank everyone who participated whether course members, staff and facilitators. Your hospitality was tremendous. To start with I didn’t know what I was letting myself

Encounter Weekend Testimonies

At Father’s House, among the values that we hold close to our hearts there are two things that stand out: one is the need to be regularly filled with the Holy Spirit and the other is the need for our hearts to be healed from life’s hurts.

Sea Impressions

Written by Juanita Brough Recently I have been going to the Knit & Stitch group, to relearn how to crochet, having learnt from my grandmother aged 7. Some years ago I was at an arts & crafts group at Father’s House, run by Marg Kilgour. I created a

Cast Your Bread Upon The Water

Written by Rich Atkinson On the 4th of June a group of us set off in the early hours of the morning to catch a 6.30am flight from Luton. The Ryanair flight we were catching to Nimes in the South of France actually ended up leaving an

Freedom in Christ

Written by Helen Beecham The Freedom in Christ course is designed to help every Christian become a fruitful disciple. And we have found here at Fathers House that it has been a powerful and effective tool in many peoples lives, in helping them take hold of the

Our New Intern Program

Written by Helen Baddeley As many of you are probably aware we have recently made the decision to introduce an intern program here at Father’s House. This is something that for several years we have talked about and wanted to see happen. We have, as a church,

Encounter Weekend Testimonies – May 2016

We thought you would be interested to hear some testimonies from the recent Encounter Weekend at Lox Lane. The Holy Spirit continues to move powerfully in bringing freedom to peoples lives as they give time to hearing His voice in this unique setting. Testimony 1 I would

My Visit to Double Joy

Written by Sue Hilliard (Just over 2 years ago Sue visited the Double Joy children’s farm, an orphanage and home for 90 children. You can read the article she wrote then for The House by looking at the archives for June 2014. Sue has recently returned to

Czech trip – April 2016

Written by Andrew Baddeley In 2004 God started speaking to Helen and I about going to the Czech Republic, up until then our experience of the nations was of South Africa and really we had no desire to travel anywhere else apart from Africa, so a small

A testimony to the Goodness, Kindness and Faithfulness of God!

Written by Juanita Brough Firstly, sadly I had got into debt which I desperately wanted to deal with; even trying to sell something at the end of last year, but it did not sell! Then, in February a very strong wind whipped my car door out of

Open House – Our Journey (so far!)

On Tuesday 5th May 2015, Fathers House (in partnership with the other churches in Shaftesbury) launched our community project ‘Open House’. As a church family you have all been incredibly important in the journey we have been on since then – from prayer and financial support to

1993 Visit to the Ukraine

Written by Celia Barlow After visiting the Ukraine in 1991 whilst it was still a part of the Soviet Union, I decided to go to David Hathaway’s East West Conference in Karlsrhue Germany in 1992. By now people from the Eastern European countries, previously the Communist Block,

The Spring Thing!

Hi Folks, This is just a note from The Father’s House to let you know about a fundraising event we have planned called ‘The Spring Thing’ on Friday 15th April in aid of Open House. We have an amazing variety of acts from the local community coming

Azusa Now!

Written by Helen Beecham In 1906, in some of the poorest districts of Los Angeles, there was an outpouring of Heaven which became known as the Azusa Street Revival. It happened during an incredibly dangerous, volatile and prejudiced period in American history. But God used a man named

India – Here and There

Written by Alistair Angus As a church we have had connections with India for over ten years principally through Raymond & Abhilasha Massey in Gurgaon, Delhi and Paul & Eunice Singh in Bangalore. Quite a few of us have visited one or both of them and they

Love Extravagantly!

Written by Helen Beecham At the beginning of March I had the opportunity to be part of a team of volunteers visiting The Jungle in Calais – made up of people from Shaftesbury, Sparkford, Skipton and beyond! Since October last year several teams, including members of Father’s

We are Forgiven, Precious and Chosen!

Written by Charles Beadle – March 2016 (Charles attended an Encounter Weekend B at the end of last year – you can read his article, published in The House on 7th December, about his encounter with the Father at that time. Here, Charles shares about the fresh

Food for Thought!

Written by Juanita Brough In 1997, when praying for a mission team coming to our church in Somerset, God said; ‘Whenever you are contemplating doing My work, you need My heart for My people,’ There is still so much more of His heart I need to understand! One

Singing at the Old Peoples Homes

Written by Sue Ozzard So, I thought you might find it interesting to hear what happens once a fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon in Shaftesbury! A small group of us visit 2 local Old People’s Homes – the Cedars and Castle Hill House to sing Christian songs

The Kindness of God

Written by Sue Ozzard – February 2016 I would like to share my story over the last year or so, which shows the kindness of God and the attention to detail He is interested in. As I’m sure most of you will know I was involved from


Written by Jean Brown In December Clive, Martyn and I went to India. The first place we went was Gurgaon, outside of Delhi, to Raymond & Abilasha’s church. Clive led a conference there, also joined by a group who had travelled from Rampur – they had been

But What If I Mess Up?!

Written by Molly Beecham – January 2016 (Molly has been attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California since September 2015) For two weeks, I got to fly home for the Christmas holidays. It was such an amazing time spent with friends and family and a

When Titus Came To Visit!

Written by Jane Churcher – 17th January 2016 I stood anxiously at the front door waiting for the paramedics to arrive! My Fathers health had deteriorated rapidly and we needed help! At that moment I reckoned my sister would be taking off for a much needed visit

His Goodness And Faithful Love Pursue Me

Written by Gordon Clowrey – January 2016 I want to tell you about my trip to China last week where I met with Joseph, a pastor in Shenzhen, who I met at IHOP (his first visit). I felt the Lord wanted me to connect with him in

An Encounter with the Father

Written by Charles Beadle I feel so enlightened, enlifted and encouraged after experiencing my Heavenly Father’s love and acceptance at the recent Encounter Weekend B. There was a tangible sweet air about the whole weekend, and interacting with everyone seemed just so easy. I had suffered an

Compassion for Calais (Part 6)

Written by Mike Beecham It’s Friday, so something more lighthearted. Life in The Jungle can be so desperate at times, but there are always countless volunteers who go in to the camp to distribute things of need. This isn’t always practical items such as tents, shoes, food

Compassion for Calais (Part 5)

Written by Mike Beecham Following on from yesterday, the search for those within The Jungle needing wooden pallets continues on an almost daily basis. Oftentimes refugees will be inside of their tents and will not always respond when you call out. Searching the tents is imperative, as

Compassion for Calais (Part 4)

Written by Mike Beecham Wooden pallets are essential in The Jungle. They are placed inside of canvas tents, allowing beds and possessions to be raised up off the cold, wet ground. Without these, it would simply be impossible to live inside of the tents. Whilst not ideal,

Compassion for Calais (Part 3)

Written by Mike Beecham Every day new people arrive at The Jungle, often months after they left their homes. Knowing no-one, they simply pitch up whatever shelfter they have on the entrance to the camp, always being watched by the Gendarmerie (National Police). Eventually, they will be

Compassion for Calais (Part 2)

Written by Mike Beecham   First off, I wanted to thank everyone who has responded to me so positively since I made my first post this morning about my trip to ‘The Jungle’ in Calais. A couple of you wanted to know more about how I was

Compassion for Calais (Part 1)

Written by Mike Beecham (Mike has started to document, in words and pictures, his experiences of being in ‘The Jungle’. He is sharing these thoughts on Face Book but I felt that it would be helpful to share them here, in The House, also)   As some

Refugee Survivors!

Written by Isaac Beecham A few weeks ago, a group of the church youth arrived at the Fathers House ready for the weekend. We had all agreed to participate in an event we liked to call ‘Refugee Survivor’, which meant that we would spend our time building shelters


Written by Juanita Brough I had the real privilege of attending the ‘Friday Fire’ and ‘Fire in the Night’ meeting at church on 2nd & 3rd October. Firstly, God had a surprise for me. I was reunited with a great young man, from my last church, whose

It’s a Jungle Out There!

Written by Anna Chapman On Wednesday 2nd September the body of Aylan Kurdi washed up on the shores of Bodrum, Turkey. That evening, as I watched the news, I cried. I could no longer sit and do nothing. I linked up with my friends in Dorset at

Canadian adventure…

Written by Will Snowden (Will recently spent 5 months of his gap year in Canada with Soul Edge – an adventure based leadership training course – to find out more about Soul Edge visit I woke up at 7:30 on January 7th 2015. Everything was packed and

Weymouth Camp 2015

Written by Andrew Baddeley It was such a joy and honour to be asked to help out at Weymouth camp again this year. All the leaders came together at Loxlane on the Saturday, the day before all the children arrived to be debriefed and do any final

Roof Update

By now most of you will be aware that we are having to replace the roof of Father’s House. We will be taking up an offering on September 6th to cover this expense. We also said that we would keep you updated with the progress and the

Testimonies from recent Encounter Weekends

Written by Caroline Watkins At Fathers House. among the values that we hold close to our hearts, there are two things that stand out. One is the need to be regularly filled with the Holy Spirit and the other is the need for our hearts to be

Trip to Sunny France – I mean Mission Trip to France!

Written by Chris Chilcott Years ago Jane Churcher worked at St Andeol; She loved the people there and yearned to go there for a ‘hol’! But mission with a team was her real dream, and what a team she took – A bundle of laughs right from

Venezuela Trip

Written by Andrew White In April 2015 a team of five of us set off for Venezuela in South America bound for a city called Merida nestled in the high Andes Mountains. There was Clive, Flor, Caroline and I from Shaftesbury and Paul from Weymouth and Paul

Gods Amazing ‘Mays’

Gods Amazing “mays” from Psalm 20 Written by Celia Barlow In verses 1-5b of Psalm 20 David prays seven prayers over his people starting with the word “may”. May the Lord: Answer when you are in distress Protect you Send Help from the sanctuary Grant Support from Zion Remember

Roof Appeal

We finally have had to bow to the inevitable and address the leaking roof on the Father’s House. Pete has done a sterling job trying to patch it over the last few years. We know we must replace it before the winter or ceilings will come down

Dear Daddy God

The following article and poems were written by a lady who came on our Encounter Weekends A & B last year.   “Yesterday it was a year ago since we happened to drive past Lox Lane on the way to Stourhead.  I saw the sign, put it

The Gathering – A Church Weekend for Blokes

Written by Mike Beecham Recently, myself, Clive Ozzard, Dan Clapson and Garrie Todd packed up a car-load of camping gear, and headed off to a field near Swindon for an event called ‘The Gathering’, a mens-only weekend, run by an organisation called ‘Christian Vision for Men’. The